Locations – where to fish

Scenic locations. Superlative fishing.

16 years fishing superlative spots that we've made popular

The Western Ramganga River

Fish a wild river where elephants drink from the pools.

There's mahseer in the 20's to 40's for those who can stalk a river properly. For the best part of the year, the Ramganga runs crystal clear, making it possible to spot the fish and cast to it. Things get tough for the angler because this is a well fished river and the fish can see you too.

The old jungles that the river flows through makes one feel like the only anglers in a primeval world and once you meet a goonch, everything seems appropriately prehistoric. When the jungle beats get over, head to the upriver section for more good fishing.

Fishing in the Ramganga valley includes the buffer zone beats of Corbett National Park. The upper waters can offer better fishing and are open to expedition - we camp, and carry all camping gear, cook, and gillies.

Where you fish is as important as the fishing itself

When you fish with us, you will camp in some of the most picturesque places along our rivers. There's nothing quite like waking up to a Himalayan sunrise next to a quiet glide, and heading straight for a session on the water even before breakfast. You can even have your morning tea by the river. We're familiar with most mahseer waters between Himachal Pradesh in the West India to Arunachal Pradesh in the East. But being natives of Uttarakhand, we're most familiar with our own waters and can host you for great fishing on home turf.

Pancheshwar area, Sarju and Mahakali rivers

Our spiritual home near the confluence of two rivers - the Saryu and the Kali.

One is a perennial springfed, the other a moody snowfed. Add to this the mystique of fishing a remote heartland of wild mahseer, and you have Pancheshwar. This is one of the few places left in the Himalayas of 50+ pounders. This is also the only river system with all four mahseers - golden, redfin, copper and chocolate.

The Saryu fishes well almost all year round as is usual with springfeds. But the best time for the biggest fish is before they begin their breeding run (May-June) and again after the run is over (around September). Many fish choose to remain behind in the the larger pools of the Saryu and some go back to the lower drainage of the Kali.

Pancheshwar area can be fished from camps at the head of the valley on the Sarju river. One can also run a 5-day raft 'n' fish trip down the Sarju from the camp. Or one can run the entire Kali river over a period of 14 days. The options are many, you just need to tell us.

Fishing the Saryu-Kali is on expedition basis (New Delhi to fishing and back) to marked runs and pools away from the regular beats. Book a session and find out.

We've been working in these areas for the last 16 years and no one knows the fishing or the people like we do. All expedition camps are eco-friendly but remote. Some of the rivers can be fished out of alternate arrangements in Rest Houses, hotels, village residence/inn, etc. on advance request.

Your fitness level is very important - all Himalayan mahseer fishing usually involves steep hiking and clambering around riverbanks. In hot weather, it takes a tough individual to endure mahseer fishing but the rewards are immense.

Other than fitness, also choose locations by your skill level in angling.

The Ganga river

If you're an angler who can shut out everything except the river and the fishing, the holy Ganga is an amazing river full of blessings for the beginner and big game for the expert.

This is the least poached river in the country (not counting the tributaries) and fish have found religious sanctuary around Hindu temples for millennia. From certain spots, especially below bridges, one can see the size of fish that live here. It is also a good indicator of what size fish you can bag.

We fish and raft all along the Ganga river from Devprayag to Rishikesh.