Team Otter Reserves

Expert Indian angler Vinay Badola sitting with local villager by the Kali river in Pancheshwar

We are total outdoors people who like nothing better than to share our world and wildlife- on land, air or under water.

Vinay's team comprises ex-poachers, scientists, conservationists and outstanding camping staff.

So whether it's a documentary film or a fishing holiday chasing monster fish, you'll have the finest memories to take away.

Photot of Vinay Badola

Vinay Badola

An Army brat who can't stay in one place for long, Vinay has been fishing since age four in every possible water for any possible fish. He has been guiding anglers professionally for the last 21 years and has led them to some spectacular fish, including Jakub Vágner 's 75kg IGFA record goonch.

Vinay has provided end to end location services for documentary films by big brands like Icon Films, Discovery Real Time, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic and Animal Planet. He leads most of the fishing expeditions, and hosts anglers in camps selected for the  best fishing and great locations.

Vinay continues to works closely with local communities, taking the concept of Conservation to them. He actively trains local youth across India to become top class fishing guides for sporting anglers.

Raj Garkoti

A native of Champawat District, famous for it's man eating tigers, Raj is our in-house rivermaster who likes nothing better than an excuse to be on the river- whether guiding the raft through Class V rapids to encouraging an angler with fast running fish by one of our expedition camps. He has been running the Mahakali river for the last 18 years and knows each eddy and whole along it's length. He is instrumental in implementing our Pancheshwar Project and has been responsible for the downfall of several poachers.

Raju Dai

Nepali by origin, Indian by birth and camping nut by nature, Raju Dai keeps the camp going with his tireless cheer and great humour. He's one of our best camp chiefs and makes sure things run smoothly.

Dashrath Singh

Super raft guide with a style of his own, Dashrath is the perfect companion and team leader on the toughest outdoor missions. He's also a super field cook and angler.

Aaron Alter

Deep roots in India led Aaron here and the rivers tied him down. A confessed flyfishing junkie, Aaron finds his fix in the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas stalking mahseer and doing the mountain goat dance for trout around the Garhwal plunge pools. He is an Orvis endorsed guide and leads tours for trout and mahseer.

Aalam Soni

Aalam was born and brought up on the banks of the Ramganga. He has fished it with every possible method at every possible time. There's little that he doesn't know about the water or the fishing. He's one of our top guides and has been responsible for the capture of some very remarkable fish.

Our volunteers

We move in a lot of places and have trained many local youth into being good anglers' companions and campers. These people are part of our Conservation Project and get employed not only by us, but by other bona fide anglers and angling tour operators. Keeping them employed means keeping the locals interested in their fish other than for food. Without these people, many a river would be devoid of fish. Fishing with us ensures there are fish for everyone.